The Library Services Department installed the Alexandria Library Automation System from COMPanion Corporation, in 2001 to replace the manual catalog system. It was chosen as the library's information management system. Alexandria is an application that helps to manage the library and helps the patrons fully use the library's resources. It consists of an information server that stores all Alexandria data and performs the work required to process information and command requests   library staff and the   patrons can access some of this information. Alexandria Database provides a Web interface that permits library users to connect to the Library Services of the    British Virgin Islands database collection via the internet.


The Alexandria Database can perform all the functions of the Alexandria Librarian™, Alexandria District Librarian™ and Alexandria Researcher™ clients. Alexandria   users communicate with the Alexandria Data Station to perform library functions. Multiple users can access the same Alexandria Data   Station. Multiple users can access the same Alexandria Data Station.

  • Alexandria District Librarian provides access to multiple collections across a district using a wide-area network or to a centralized Alexandria database. With this workstation a librarian can manage multiple libraries in a district.
  • Alexandria Librarian is used by the Library Services to perform all library functions such as circulation, cataloging and other administrative functions.
  • Alexandria Researcher is used by patrons to access the library catalog and, if authorized, to place holds and reservations on items in the collection.
  • Alexandria WEB™ allows searching of the Library's Alexandria collections using a standard World Wide Web browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Kid's Catalog provides a young children's interface which uses graphics and icons to help patrons find what they need in the collection.

The British Virgin Islands Library Services Department online catalog can be found at


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